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How To Fly To Togo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Leslie, I am rather confused, you wrote asking for cheap flights to Kenya, then say you want to go to Togo. Togo is a country in West Africa Kenya is a country in East Africa If you want to preach in Tsevie and then Kpalime, you will need to go to the country of Togo. You would fly into the city of Lome, Togo. Therefore you are searching for a flight to Lome.

Name: Leslie
Country: USA Message:
I am suppose to go to Lome-togo and preach.Then go to Tsevie,then Kpalime. I have no idea where these places are.This is my first trip to Africa. I dont know what ariport I would arrive in,so that I can look up a fare.Can you help me please. Travel dates are June 30-July5th Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
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