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How Do You Make Enough Money To Travel - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

The answer has changed over time and continues to change.

The first 7 years, I average cost per day was probably
between 5 and 10 dollars per day. I do no drink and
save money in any way possible.

Had savings after working in Real Estate as both Broker and Investor. I believe I had maybe 10,000 dollars, but squandered most of it. Now I could live for 4 years on this money and then I only lived for one.

Traded making a webpage for a free room.
Taught English
Had some saving and collected some money.
Happened to make a webpage for 4 thousand dollars.


1. I created three major types of communication forums.


Blog, Travelogue, Diary

The web site:

I then asked for donation and got paid through

2. Selling of products
Make page then got paid with.

3. Advertisers.
I had in year seven an advertiser contact me and started to pay me 300 dollars per month, this with donations, and the sale of a few products helped me tremendously.

Note that I have a good family and know that I ever got really stranded or in trouble they would help buy a ticket home.

4. This is the dangerous question for me to ask. I now have another form of advertising that pays about 30 cents per click that is all over my pages. This is a complete windfall for me. It is called contextual advertising and is the future of the internet. It has been around for maybe a year and I have been using for four months.

I asked Google if I could explain and they said yes, the new big money for me is:

They are wonderful, the check come and they pay, if you do something wrong they do not seem to be looking for a way as are most affiliate programs to not pay you, they look for a way to help you correct your site.

I have presently went solvent and can probably now
afford to travel in Europe and America.

I will continue to expand my other types of advertisers.

NOTE: The bottom line is I sat down and typed in my computer daily for 8 years. I have made maybe 5 separate files or pages per day. These all become searchable in the google.com and I presently have an average of 9,000 plus UNIQUE visitors per day on my site.

The more pages you have the more money you will make.
Here is an example of how to make a perfect page for google.com

I devote my time and one of the major themes is for a Hobo
to travel from place to place looking for a job. So I have also
collected a lot of ways to make money as you travel the world.

Hope that helps,
But save up enough money to live for 6 months and you
will find the way as the money runs out.

It cost about 15 dollar a day to live in countries like
Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, or Thailand

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