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Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Richard, I really appreciate the Google Earth Pic, I sit in these exotic places, and my friends talk about Google Earth, I have it on my computer, like having anaked girl in theroom and she says, no. But the bottom line is to see one good view, I have to work about one-two hours. Find an internet cafe, hope, and hope, and connnect, by the time I am done. I am too confused and annoyed with all the work I had to do to enjoy. This was great, just download my emails, and see where I am. I have this Physical View on my Encarta Encyclopedia, and as an alternative to Google Earth which reall needs a high speed connection and when you really want, the Encarta maps in Encyclopedia is a good choice. I purchased this program for about 40 US, before I left the USA or in Thailand... hehehe This is a full paid version, I consider itneeded on my computer. Wikipedia.org and Google Earth, just are not availailable yet everywhere on the planet in small village with no electricty. Encarta is as good as my battery, I am buying a motorcyle battery back up soon as I am sent a 12 Volt adapter from the USA and and a 220 charger. There is an 80 Kiometer Concrete marker in the city, 79 is correct for kilometers from Atakpame to Badou or as good as the highway people of Togo, this is not Germany. Andy in Badou, Togo May 2007 Hi Andy, glad you're enjoying Badou – Cascade Plus sounds really good value and I've adjusted the write-up accordingly. I've attached a pic from Google Earth, which I seem to recall you saying you couldn't easily access (?), showing Atakpamé to Badou. I reckon the distance of 79km along the road is about right. And as the crow flies, 60km looks spot on (I set the scale, bottom left, to 24km). Did you get the map scans okay?
I'm editing Ghana at the moment, will let you know if I have queries. Meanwhile, if you have new info for me, just pass it on, many thanks.
All best wishes, bon voyage
Richard Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-03

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