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Getting Revenge On A Hotel - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Getting Revenge on a Hotel I am laughing, I went into the restroom andI noticed I had left the water running. I am here in Lome, Togo and the cost of water is expensive as is electricity and other utilities. Normally, I would think, oops, that was bad. I thought, "This is what he deserves." I was told, you need to pay more for the room because we must pay for the gas for the generator now. Then what happens, they do not turn on the generator and I paid more. I would feel or assume there are times you feel like getting revenge for the abuse by a Hotel. I thought, these are way I have accidentally harmed a hotel. 1. Always leave on the lights, fans, etc. 2. Leave the water running. 3. Put some object down the drain. 4. Use the sheet to clean up coffee. 5. Clean the floor with a curtain. 6. Show my crappy room to friends that think the rooms are nice. 7. Ask for new toilet paper every day and soap, to stock up. Sometimes I think I want to make the Hobohideout.com site so I can get justice on the planet. I can allow readers to tell the real truth about hotels and expose to the world some of the abuse. Andy in Lome Togo West Africa June 2007 Getting Revenge on a Hotel

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