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Hello Travis,
We are offering free blog hosting or free hosting of travelers pages.
It is the same as if you purchased hosting, yet is it free on
If you do not buy a domain, then your URL would be something like, if you buy a domain, then the domain name.
There is no cost, however a small link will be inserted at the bottom of all pages saying, at the bottom and should not be noticed.
A person can use, Wordpress or any system the want.
We will include a free forwards system, whereby if you send one email to @ there it will form a reply and send email and it can post to group servers like Yahoogroups. Googlegroups, and and MSN or any you find.
The idea is to give tools that make sense to a true traveler. I learn from you, and you learn from me, then expands because of the link on the bottom and I get paid by them clicking on links in my pages.
Andy in Togo 2007
Thank you,

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