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Frankfurt Airport - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hi. In regards to sleeping in the frankfurt airport; are you able to try get some shut eye during the day? I'll soon be flying from Japan and landing in Frankfurt at around 2pm until 9.30pm the same day (7 hours in the airport). My total travelling time will be 20hours, so I'll need sleep at some point. If your able to answer please send mail to (...) . I'd be so very grateful.

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I think you can sleep in about any airport if you are brazen enough or not controlled by social customs. Just find a quiet spot and lie down and sleep.

I am not sure where, but check out this site.

When sleeping in Airports, I get a cart.
Use my lightweight dog chain to chain the cart and bags to something or my leg.
Set an alarm clock, I have the Chinese AA Battery type, or now I set the alarm in my cell phone.

I carry two blankets, one is really a hammock, the other is a Lufthansa Airplane Blanket a girl bought in Thailand for me, I did not steal, she bought brand new.

The floors of airports can be cold, a sleeping bag works good also.

Do not miss you flight, I normally sleep if possible at the gate to my plane

Andy in Pokhara, Nepal February 4, 2007

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