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Finding Fixers - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Sarah, YOU WROTE Andy,
Thank you for all your amazing responses. The trust
topic...well what can I say, you nailed it on the
head. Need to digest that a little more before
further responding, hehe. And sorry to hear that
Americans are such bores. It's true, we really are,
but hopefully every now and then one surprises you! A little more on fixers...how do you go about finding
a good one in a particular country while still in the
states? What more can you tell me about women fixers? Is it
expected they will also provide sexual favors? Or not
necessairly? Can they be more trusted? Probably not
anymore trustworthy than men (not that you are
trusting any of them...hehe) Are these really just personal tour guides? What
about expensive, high-end fixers? Do they exist? And
what about body-guard-type fixers? Ok-that's it for now. Keep up the good work out
there. Your energy is changing the planet...for the
Sarah ANSWERS Q: A little more on fixers...how do you go about finding
a good one in a particular country while still in the

A: I do not think a person can find a fixer while in the USA. I do know there are escort and gray areas offered, I suppose personal tour guides What you want is person who is street smart, but not so smart they know the weakness of the USA persons. There are men in many countries in Chat rooms, Nigeria a big, one man will be chatting with 20 women, or one women in Thailand will be working 20 men at the same time. The create an image, and the person think they have a friend that will make life easy. The person come, and if all is good, they never know they was used. Q: What more can you tell me about women fixers? Is it
expected they will also provide sexual favors? A: I am not sure, I suppose yes, not an expectation normally of the man, but the women would want to sweeten the debt owed, there is not as much value places on casual sex in other countries, they will have casual sex if they feel guaranteed they will benefit. A women fixer, not common, I would say there are men that travel, looking for a girl to make their life easy and to save money. I see this all over Asia, to me, having a girl travel with me is like paying a parking meter, they just never stop wanting to buy. If a man is afraid, they will continue to pay so they are not alone. If am walking with a women I just met and she stops and wants me to buy her chocolate or something she really does not want, I may buy the chocolate, or not, but normally I say goodbye and take a taxi. The problem with finding a women or man to be your friend, travel mate, or partner from a poor country is. The want to be rich one time in their life, they will go to the most expensive restaurant, invite all their friends to show and prove to them, they have the money. The only way to brag is to have your girl or many buy for them. To buy is why they feel a person from the USA is of fashion, sometimes a girl is enamored with my blond hair or blue eyes, as are the boys, they will look at me like I am Brad Pitt, very annoying to me, but to a person with low self-esteem, I think they would love it. A fixer is to solve problem, they, the fixer is working as a gopher or do what you want, they are a placebo, they tell you what you project or want to hear. If you want to talk bad about the USA, they will agree and talk bad, they will reflect back what you want to hear. They are good, they work in NGO, ONG because they know how to flatter a person who is not-effective. If a person repeats back to me what I just said, I know they are trying to work me, but many people are happy. Q: Are these really just personal tour guides? A tour guide is doing a special job and cannot normally do a good job at anything, although for sure most tour guides that are men want to come and fixe the women and do that. A fixer knows how to ask and find answers, they know how to work over people. A tour guide, I do not know, I have maybe had one good tour guide in 10 years of travel, most are a waste of time. Q:What about expensive, high-end fixers? Do they exist? A: I would say there is people that are probably high end fixers, I was offering for short while to take people on tours, tailored made, if you want to go to Iraq, I would take you, Colombia, anywhere you feel you need a special guide. I would go in before a week ahead and locate the local fixers.. hehehe and then smooth the path, make life simple, for people who are super rich. I forget, I think I was pricing this at 1000 per day. There is a tour group in Asia, I think called Silk Tours, you tell them your idea, and they make it happen. I met a man from England in Laos on a private tour. QAnd what about body-guard-type fixers? A: I would say a body guard must be a fixer, and a good one,or in truth they would be dangerous. I suspect if I was going to hire a fixer from the USA, it would be best to search for a bodyguard, someone who believes they can take care of you and will sell that service. A fixer, does that, they fix problem for a fee. Normally the fee is the problem, then normally will extract a much money as the person believe is good to pay. Example: The wages here are about 500 CFA per day, so if you was an American, would you be happy if a person gave you five times you normal days pay? The problem is, 500 CFA is one dollar, so an American thinks, 5 dollars is nothing, a fare wage is maybe 25 dollars. This is what teaches and enables a fixer to use people, they have had some stupid American or European walk up and offer them 50 times their normal pay. They have learned, there are some really stupid tourist. A person who will charge 50 times their normal daily pay is not a nice person and is working at a job that is does not have scruples. I ask a fixer how much, if they would say 1500 CFA, I would say, too much, and he would say 1000, then I would say ok, and at the end of the day, I would pay 2000. Everyone would be happy and the inflationary practice of teaching a person to cheat is not taught. All this is confusing, I would say, 95 percent of lone travelers find a person to accompany them, or a drinking buddy, who they take care of under the idea that the person is helping. In reality they do no want to be alone. Today, I went to the Market with a women from Togo here in Atakpame, Togo. This is a problem, the normal women in Africa feels the are going to he mall with 5000 dollars in their pocket and is going to spend all of it. I want to stay here for about two weeks and learn French from this girl, I like her, but I do not want give money out every five minutes to keep her happy. I am not going to buy here happiness and maintain a constant source of money. I see fathers and mothers do this with children, just continually give, this is the same here, I just do not do that, it is too annoying to me. I gave her a daily small Cadeau or Gift, then I left for Badou without really talking to her, she thought the Cadeau was good, I said, the Cadeau to me, say, I do not owe you anything. I hate this African Cadeau thing, but it is the custom and a girl will go back home and all her friends will say, how much Cadeau, she has to have one. Today she refused the Cadeau, because she knows, I feel no sense of commitment when I give the Cadeau. She is nice, but the fact is, she is from a totally different culture. She is my fixer, she helped me find a Mosquito net to use to modify another, I asked here about Hippos, she helps me to find, she fixes my French, a good Husband or Wife make life easier. A fixer is normally a man intent on fixing me up with a women, and tries to sell or arrange anything I want, they mirror my needs, and say or do whatI emotionally need. They are annoying but effective, they are very sensitive to the needs and nefarious wants of travelers, the make offers you would not believe. Life is good, life is easy, a good person is good, they feel good with you, they are on your side, a person will find a mirror or fixer who is just like themselves. A bad person will find a bad fixer who will do bad things, my fixers tend to be nice, or I safe very fast. Think, if you wanted tickets to the superbowl and would pay any amount of money, who could get them for you, who would you call? This is a fixer, there is a book called Smart People, all about Fixers. Andy in Atakpame, Togo, West Africa. Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
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