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Electricity Off The Grid - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,

I believe all project need to be secret and not capable of being seen by the local government officials. I am thinking, I must remember I am in Africa or any under-developed country is about the same. When you enter a city of leave a city in Togo, and most countries on the planet there is toll booth. I truly feel this has nothing to do with the road, more to do with a way to collect money from citizens of the country. A person up in the mountains pays no or almost zero tax. The government search for any way possible to turn on or off services. Any type of product that is used, and the government can shut on or off, they try to collect money. I am not sure, if good or bad, they must collect money to run the country. TYPES of GATE TAX
- Enter a city or leave
- Use the market
- Set up your sales stall on the road
- Cell Phone companies
- Water
- Electric
- Owning a car or driving a car
- Shipping in and out of the country What happens is this, anything or anyone that gets organized pays taxes. The American way of thinking is this, we go to a small village, set up a big water or solar generator and service the people. Hmm, then the government of Togo comes and starts collecting money, all the people go back to the old ways and the thing stops. I was thinking, why is there no big water grain mill to make flour. There is at least 5 to 20 in this village of Badou. They are not permanent, the owner can pack up the equipment and haul it a away, if they built a small dam, put a grinding mill, ora way to cut lumber, the government would maybe or probably come and tax the thing to oblivion. Therefore each home needs it own solution, to it own problems. The Pico Hydro has this tube of water coming down, this also works for drinking water, however they are not willing to buy the hose. I tend to think they enjoy the water collection, there really is not much to do, people that are in jail or prison volunteer to be Trustees and clean all day so they have something to do. The idea of water power to grind corn into flour is not a new idea. The idea of running a tube down from a higher places to a lower place is not a new idea. The idea of building a water grinding mill is not a new idea I think to make a home energy independent is not simple, the government can see a generator in the water, the government can see a solar panel on a roof. More or less the major or Prefecture of villages here looks for a way to tax, they try to find a way to make money. Somehow, this needs to be secret Secret and not able to be taxed, off the grid The number one reason I do not drive cars or motocycle in these countries, is it make a gate, they can stop me and ask for money. Andy in Badou, Togo May 2007 Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-03

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