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Electric Submersible Water Cooker - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Electric Submersible Water Cooker Ryan, Send me your address, I have something thatis the same, but not as good as the Bolivia ones I first purchased. I may be going to Colombia, they have a cooker that is good but has the wires exposed, actually works great, but more dangerous or cannot be used with steel cups. Thanks Andy Graham Name: Ryan
Country: Canada

Hi Andy,

I am writing to ask you to consider reselling those submersible electric water heaters that you use and love. I think that most of your readers who travel envy this tool and want one of their own! I have only been able to find the electric heavy coil ?immersion? rather than ?submersion? type locally or on the internet, and they are much more awkward to use! You mentioned on your blog recently that you have only been able to find the immersible 220v electric cookers in Bolivia, so I think there could be a strong resale market!

If you have an extra cooker of that type available, I would personally be willing to pay a premium for it. I could send you some money directly, or perhaps alternately to your family in Indiana, and when you are satisfied you could send me a cooker to Canada? Just a friendly offer!

It is the simple things that are the most valuable!

Life is good!
-Ryan Lloyd

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