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E Books Require Electricity And Batteries Ghana - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

E-books Require Electricity and Batteries Ghana I carry from on average seven books, and continually try to trade as I travel from country to country. I am presently in Accra, Ghana and have zero books in my arsenal. I have been trying to be judicious with my reading of e-books, however I have zero books to read and not have resorted to reading all my e-books. I find when I need a book the most is when there is no electricity, at the same time there is no electricity. Anyway you do it, a paper book is more reliable than ebooks, until easier technology is developed. In a way you need to read the e-books when there is good electricity and lots of books and read the paperback books when there is not electricity. Andy in Accra, Ghana August 17, 2007 E-books Require Electricity and Batteries Ghana

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