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Developing Your Voice So You Need To Talk A Lot - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Developing Your Voice so you Need toTalk a Lot There is some what I feel is weird logic, something as if to say, I have not nothing clear to say, therefore why would I talk, a.k.a. write. Developing your own style or your voice comes after you stop copying the voices of others, the only way to stop copying it to run out of others peoples ideas and voices to copy and enter the world of your own. Talk a lot, write a lot, readers that like you, like you, they do not leave, they are hard to get rid of... However as you develop your own voice and style you will accumulate more readers. You are not loosing readers by writing badly, you are gaining readers by finding your voice. Blogging is justice writing, the audience is yours, it is only yours, you will live or die by the words you write. Developing Your Voice so you Nee toTalk a Lot

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