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Death By Dilution To Stumbleupon Digg Sphinn Pligg - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Death by dilution to Stumbleupon Digg Sphinn Pligg
Craig I would say no, however also dependent on your business, if your reader live, eat, and drink inside these type of service, then yes. For me, I no longer pay attention and feel bad I put on the site, I am now going through the steps of removing. Everytime another one come out, they become diluted, too many to have impact. A lot of these are owned by SEO experts just playing the market. For me, no, not important.

Andy in Bangkok, January 2007

Geez -- is this "stumbleupon" service really that popular? There are so many sites out there... Digg... Sphinn... Pligg... etc...

Is this something that I need to pay more attention to for Travelvice, or just another passing fad? (which I simply assumed it was)



saw your blog on stumbleupon in firefox.

having traveled here and there for the past 10 years or so, i have always wanted to do what you have been doing. although i have recently bought property and mortgages are the only thing holding me back (i live in orange county with no car which is extremely rare in these parts and move around with a sleeping bag and travel bag of clothes), i am still pushing to do continuous travel as you have.

just wondering if you can give any quick advice? in general, how much money does it take? (i went to europe for 6 months a few years ago and spent less than $1,000 a month)...my next excursion i want to go all over asia. how hard is it to get visas to visit (been doing research and it seems some countries are pretty strict). how hard would it be to find work in asia or abroad in general?

does travel get harder as you get older i.e. people treating you differently? better, worse? (i'm 29)

maybe i'll see you out in the world someday...

thanks for the inspiration. safe travels

Cole Death by dilution to Stumbleupon Digg Sphinn Pligg

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