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Currency Conversion Site - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Andy, I liked you list of sites. I find that http://finance.yahoo.com/currency is a better currency conversion site than Xe.com because it carries the rates for many smaller countries, like Nepal. S
Hello Steve

Yes, that Yahoo site is very quick and easy I bookmarked it as faster.

I was using

For years, then Andrew my techie in India was using xe.com to connect to a website or ours to pay peoplel and convert.

The xe.com site has all of them also, they just make it more difficult to find.

In the end, the reason why I like the xe.com site is because I can remember how to spell easy.

Oanda and yahoo are harder to remember in and internet cafe, then type into the browser.

A lot of being a great website to me, is about being very easy to remember.

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