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Wed, 7 Jul 2010 21:57:51

Hello Sarah, I use a Hewlitt Packard Computer and am on my fourth computer, I used a Compaq for two and HP for two, however somewhere along the line HP and Compaq merged. I have for about the first nine years of travel used a 3.5 floppy and entered an internet cafe to work on the computer of the internet cafe. About maybe a year ago, I guess in 2005-6 I switched to the thumb drive, I have a. one gig thumbdrive. About 2006 I started using my computer in the internet cafe, so presently for the last year, I use a combination of methods to use the internet, about half the time with a GPRS Cell Phone Internet Commention, and the other half of the time I connect my computer in an Internet Cafe. I can work on any computer that has internet and it is not necessary to have a computer, but it tremendously cheaper and easier to have a computer. Computer are getting lighter and better in a way, I use a HP because I can get it and maybe a Sony fixed or warranty work done anywhere on planet. All my computers always cost less than 1000 Dollars. I think it is very easy to post wtih GPRS. I can post easy, except in Africa, where the internet is so slow here in West Africa in the Internet cafes it is difficulte, the rest of the world is easy. In Africa in the capital cities it is easy, outside it is difficult, here in Togo or the countries that are quickly adding GPRS it is going to be easy. I want to use Satellite, but they are difficult to buy, use, and keep working. Yes, I meet Americans and they write me, less each year, because they are starting to bore me. Hard Core Travelers, this is interesting, I am not sure, I know of two people maybe who wish to be professional travelers. The write me all the time, there is lots of Hard Core Expats who live in other countries, very few Hard Core Travelers. most cannot afford to travel more than about three years, then they stop. Many Hard Core types live in places like Thailand, Philippines or Guatemala, Mexico, some in Peru and Ecuador. The French expats live in all the former French Colonies. In India you have people that live there on 2-5 dollars per day for years. Many Hard Core retired types, living on pension or the dole the unemployment money of a country in Europe. Who knows me, truth is, the hard core travelers normally are not good at the Internet, it is changing slowly. Andy in Atakpame, Togo West Africa May 2007 Andy,
Well, thank you for noticing that I say thank you and
that it is important to you...hehe. Good manners
translate globally, I think, and good intentions
bridge language barriers. Yes, I looked around quite extensively on your site,
had the basic questions answered, but then got
overwhelmed with the 10,000 photos and decided I'd
rather write you directly, again.. Hope you don't
mind. I am curious what kind of computer you use...do you
have your own? and what about internet connections in
certain parts of the world? I can't imagine that it
is easy to post every day... Do you ever meet Americans on the road that wrote to
you? Curious how many hard core travelers know you. Sarah- Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-07

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