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Company Fake Or Real - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Raja,
Andy from HoboTraveler.com here in Togo, Africa.
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Name: raja (...)
Country: Pakistan
I have a job offers from GLOBAL FARMS LIMITED of GHANA ADDRESS(Global Farms LTD, Near Ahenfie Park, Efue Kuma, Global farms Complex, Tel/Fax: 00233-31-41559. Direct: 233-246-603134. Email: (...) @yahoo.com) They want $300 usd for visa & work permit through western union bank, I just want to know is it a compnay in Ghana or its a fake compnay, Please help me in this matter just clear my doubt after then I-ll send visa fee to this compnay. Is it a geniune compnay or fake compnay? Looking forward for your quick response. Thanks
I am not from Ghana and am not in Ghana, but this is a great question.
IF the company has a web site, I sometimes go to the URL or Domain name and check to see how long it has been a web site, it is called Who Is in?
Or I go to Google.com and search for specifics,
In this case, I would search for the telephone numbers or the address and find references to other websites with this in their address, Ghana, Nigeria and Africa are known for cheating people by representing themselves as some company, need, etc, I do not think there is a 100 percent way to know for sure.
I guess a good company would pay for this fee, it worries me they want you to pay, however, there is two commitments here, if you get the job, will you go to Ghana, or will you change your mind?
There are normally directories, where companies should be listed. They should be listed in the Yellow Pages of a Phone book, if Ghana has a phone book, there are also Chambers of Commerces where they should be listed. I definitely would look for a a third party listing or references.
Note Raja, there is nothing wrong with asking for three or more references and explaining your question, if they are a real company, and you are making a commitment to travel to Ghana, they need to prove they are who they are and not just send them money.
My answer is not an answer, it is suggestions, do not just trust the references they supply, if the are really offering a job. There are lots of India people in Africa, I am not sure about Pakistan, however the need for good English skills is needed, however not really in Ghana. I think you can contact a travel agency in Accra Ghana and ask if there are any Pakistan people to help or chat with the Pakistan people in Ghana.
Good luck
You can apply for this Visa probably in Pakistan, you do not have to let them apply, sort of strange this way, THERE needs to be a Ghana Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan to apply for the Visa, and you can find out if 300 dollars is the cost.
Andy in Lome, Togo, the country next to Ghana March 2007
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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