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Chris On Alcohol Cooker - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,
I am using the base of the alcohol cooker or clikstand, it is great, thank you for sending. I will soon assemble this thing and see how it works as a complete unit. I finally sat down and read the instructions and am can see how it appears when set up.
I now, just use like I used a tuna can, hard to say the way I am using it is radically better than a tuna can, however, with this, I have a screw on lid with a rubber gasket that means I do not waste fuel.
I want to assemble to see or learn if there is a way to douse or extinguish the flame while assembled. Alcohol cooking is normally my backup, I also have an electric hot plate, and one of the one-cup coffee cookers. Therefore, what happens is when there is no light, I use the alcohol cooker, I am not enthused about the parts and assembly procedure needed. And if I lose one part, I am out of luck, it does clutter my world. I think they should connect the piece by a very small chain so they all stay together. To use this camping is to guarantee a part is lost in the wood, and the cooker becomes worthless.
I however, just sit the base in the bottom of my dutch oven rectangular cooking pot, and it protects from small winds, works probably better than the tuna can, but not especially better. I take the top pan and put on top of the cooker and it kills the flame. I wait for it to cool, put on the screw type lid and I am ready to leave if I wish. I was using the rubber drain stopper as a top on the tuna can, yet when I leave, I need to discard the extra alcohol.
Alcohol or Alcool is expensive here, about 2 dollars per 500 milliliters, I think or about one pint, not sure, but for sure more expensive than Asia or South and Central America. The Islamic countries are even more expensive because I think they want their people to not be able to drink it, the normal alcohol is sugar based and not wood on the planet.
I need to get on the website and try to buy a couple of backups, so when I am home, I can pick up another when I lose this one as I am sure I will eventually.
I cook in the shower or toilet as this is concrete or tile and the heat stays inside, plus less wind there, I think the instructions are a little delusional, to start the flame is not easy. It stays lit better than a tuna can because of the many small burner holes and design, but it needs to be hot before it continues to flame easily.
I had it really hot the other day and it was blasting, I suspect it would get to this level and ooops, it would run out of fuel, not sure the best to boil lobster.
I will try soon for boiled eggs, cooking in the room has a problem, I must cook foods that do not smell or the hotel owners get angry, I personally have no desire to walk out in the common areas and cook. It would be like having every tourist or traveler here have an excuse to say I am cheap.
The food below in the restaurant is between 10 and 20 dollars per meal, it is outrageous and it does not even slow down any of the other travelers. This is not even close to a world based price of backpacking budget. I watch this Brit pound down 5 beers, he wants to ride his motorcycle around the planet, I believe he will run out of money for sure, or drink it all.
The Hotel, what is suppose to be one of the better hotels, however, really is not a good building, there are people here has terrible electricity. I plugged in the hot plate and literally burned a wire off the outside wall, an electrician came an fixed it, this is one of the worst wired hotels I have encountered in Africa. I expected to blow a fuse, burn the small wire, or a breaker, not burn a wire in a junction box.
So, I am using the alcohol cooker daily to cook my cans of vegetables.
Thanks for sending.
Note: the (--- Food) is a code that indicates I am publishing also in the Hobo Help Center.
Andy in Lome Togo
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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