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Charlotte To Greece Amsterdam To Charlotte Airfare - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Charlotte to Greece Amsterdam to Charlotte Airfare

CLT to ATH, AMS to CLT Thu 11 Sep 2008 ? Tue 14 Oct 2008 Hello Adam, answer is below your question as of August 2008 Name: Adam
Country: USA

hello andy, i am planning a backpacking trip to europe next april for about a month. i would like to fly into greece from charlotte, NC and then back to Charlotte from Amsterdam. the problem im having is finding a decent deal. my dates are very flexible and i am pretty flexible to where i fly into in greece. if you could give me a little push in the right direction id really appreciate it. thanks so much


Website Name: karmaink.org
Website URL: http://www.karmaink.org ANSWER Hello Adam, This is not an easy trip and cheap trip. The words "decent price," what does this mean to you... the price of jet fuel is going up by the week presently and the cost of airfares are risng fast also. I believe presently a round trip ticket from the East Coast of the USA to Europe and back should be in the price range of 800-1000 to get to England. I think if you are talking with a travel agent, they could easily give you a price of 2000 US dollars to even 3000 U.S. Dollars. You are asking for a convenience trip, the choice of where you begin your trip and return are convenient for you, not convenient for airlnes. New York to London or Frankfurt Germany are the easy trips. CLT to ATH, AMS to CLT Thu 11 Sep 2008 ? Tue 14 Oct 2008
I see 1112 U.S. Dollars on Kayak.com for a multi city search. http://www.kayak.com I would also be searching on Travelocity http://www.travelocity.com/ I would search every day of the week at variost times, but right after midnight is when the cancelled tickets become available. Try maybe a round trip ticket to Amsterdam, then take a low cost carrier, like easyjet.com or Ryanair.com from Amserterdam to Athens. I would guess for me as August 2008, the decent price to hope for would be 750-900, but you will have to work for this, and this is not easy. There is no convenient way to get a cheap ticket, but if you check many times per day for a week or two, you will get lottery cheap tickets. Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Manila
Charlotte to Greece Amsterdam to Charlotte Airfare

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