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Changing The Price Of Rooms - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Changing the price of rooms Hello Dincer, QUESTION

Country: Cyprus Message:
I did submit as a new hotel in cyprus but how can I change our room price? for example I decrease the price in winter time,so How can I do it? Website Name:
Website URL: ANSWER Soon this feature will be added to your control panel. To check for the feature you will need to log in

NOTE--- We will be sending out small newsletter explaining new features. There will be many areas opened up for owners, and there will be also a way for you to list all your season prices. Very soon we will have up a way for you to put your website URL to be promoted also. Thanks for your patience, Andy of and in Bangkok, Thailand. I am a world traveler.
October 2007 Changing the price of rooms