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Bogota Quito Peru Brazil Airfares - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Bogota Quito Peru Brazil Airfares Anserr is below Kevin Name: Kevin
Country: France

Hi Andy,

I am a french student living in france and Id like to travel in south america from the beginning of october, Im gonna fly out from paris beginning of october to bogota (columbia) the to go to quito (ecuador) beginning of january for a month and then lima (peru) for an other 3 weeks and finish my trip in sao paulo (brazil) from which Ill come back to paris in the second part of march 2009.
Whats the best and the cheapest way to do this itinery, I heared about round the world ticket, does it feet my plans ?
Do you know the cheapest company to purchase this ticket ?

thank you,

ANSWER If you are from France, I think you can transit in the USA, so this is good. The around the world ticket is probably the most expensive way possible, so no, do not do this..., taxes are eating them. Brazil is the scary country, to fly from Brazil to France, you better have this part of the trip figure out perfect, the other trips are easier. I would guess for a person from France, getting to Spain may be cheaper, the same language to the same language is cheaper then French to Spanish, French people are able to fly to West Africa better as they speak French. If you think of bounces, you can bounce off of Fort Lauderdale with www.spiritair.com, but be careful, they may be having money problems and go to Lima easy enough. Two airlines service this area well. http://www.taca.com/ http://www.copaair.com/ American Airlines and Delta service them well also. However if you use Travelocity.com or Kayak.com, you can get some better prices, but you have to search about every day of the week for a couple of weeks, then when the cheap ticket pops up, pay for now with a credit card. I am not sure how to fly from Brazil to France, Portugul is tempting, then takea train or Low Cost Carrier up to France. This leg of the trip is where you have to concentrate. I am going to guess the target prices for one-way tickets as you outline. France to Bogota, about 750 U.S. Bogota to Quito is about 250-350 Quito to Lima is about 250-350 Lima to Brazil is 350-550 Brazil to France, maybe about 1000 U.S. Truth is for all the work, you can take all night buses from Bogota all the way to Lima and save a lot of arranging tickets, and ten times cheaper. There are many stopover locations along this path, I have done it, a good path. Brazil, a problem child country for airfares. Bogota Quito Peru Brazil Airfares

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