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Blog Marketing - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Blog Marketing Many people use a blog to market products, I see marketing as an effort to carry my products to the market. Therefore a blog can be a way to carry the message or advertisements to the market. I recommend you become the Guru of the market, a Guru should be trusted and helpful. RSS feeds should send people to pages where they can order, to read a post offline make a sales conversion difficult. I see people shameless promoting their services in the text ofa blog, and going off topic so they can pitch their products or services. Write about a topic that is of interest to a reader, then hope they click on a product at the side columns, do not just intersperse small ads through the blog comments, this appears slimy. I recommend you keep the ads out of the text of the blog, and autonomous. The blog is to attract the target market, the sales pitch is a separate function and not really a blog post. Attract the target market with the blog, then pitch in the surrounding areas, not so direct and more polite. Blog Marketing

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