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Battery 12v Fans - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

HelloChris, Batteries are very heavy. I want to utilize only the 12 AA batteries and the one Motorcycle Battery for all my needs, Therefore, I need a small 12 Volt fan, the smaller the better in a way. Clamping is good. I think maybe I can rewire that charger to 12 volts, it is not a complicated device. I am about ready to buy a Moto Battery or Motorcycle Battery. The cost is only 6 USA here in Togo, then I could try the small 12 Volt solar panel. I am thinking that for about 25 USA Dollars a person could have a light in their home and never pay a bill. This is not really their need though, kerosene and candles are easier, mobile and simple. I think they need to powera freezer. YOU WROTE Walmart 12V fans in 3 sizes and reported before: 8"/10" and 14" (the larger having an internal 75 hr battery and costing $35). RV places have smaller size "tornado" type 12V fans without battery (just CLA for $10-$15 and have a clamping base).

Charger you took was rewired to only power 3V Woodgas stove and is used in 6V position (Why? I dunno, but I talked to the maker - that's how he set it up). I told you this on the phone before you left. Remember??? You need different gear, bro. Working on it, Okay? Thank you,
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