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Auberge Mandela Kpalime Togo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello, As you requested here in the information on the rooms in Kpalime, Togo. Auberge Mandela Tel 441-1240 3000 CFA Private Room Fan, Shower, Toilet.Quiet Neighborhood setting with a front Patio for people watching. Fresh breadbaked across the street. Behind Gomido Bar a 100-200 CFA Moto Ride from Gare or Market.
This is the BP, but of no value, the taxis drivers do not know or usethem. BP142 This has many bars in the area, no dust from the main road, and only 40 meters from a lot of food places. The Gomido is a good place to eat for western people during the day. There are lots of small marches close. The GPRS interent will work from some of the rooms good.
City: Kpalime, Togo Auberge Mandela 3000 CFA
06 degrees 55.024 North
000 degrees 38.090 East
247 Meters of altitude above sea level YOU WROTE Hi Andy, I forgot to ask, you were going to send me the details (location, tel, short review?) of Auberge Mandela in Kpalimé. Can you describe where it is, or mark it on the map. Thanks.
-- Richard Trillo http://theroughguidetokenya.blogspot.com http://theroughguidetothegambia.blogspot.comhttp://theroughguidetowestafrica.blogspot.com

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
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