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Apprentice Aldo In Mexico - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Apprentice Aldo in Mexico Hello Aldo on being an apprentice to me or somehow me helping you. Please read the answer at bottom. QUESTION: Name: Aldo Jimenez
Country: USA Message:
I am not sure that I don-t bother you; I have sent you two emails already. This question is a gamble to me, then. Listen then: I have told you I am moving to Mexico. Traveling and studying will more than likely occupy most of my time. Although I am a very optimistic person, my self trusting that almost any inconvenience can be overcome by sacrifice, I still believe I cannot rationally throw my self into the traveling world without more guidance on survival. I want to begin a temporary correspondence by e-mail with you. I will be your apprentice and you will show me the good ways of simple traveling.
I want all the information I need: Leaving, Walking, Working, Health, Eating, etc. If thus far this sounds agreeable to you, reply to me. My apprenticeship to you should last for three months - that is when I am moving. You will make me overjoyed, truly. And I will never forget you. For your assistance, here is a brief view of my life:
I live in a low class area of Los Angeles city, USA. I am eighteen years old. I was born and have lived in Los Angeles my whole life.
I was raised by my father who was a good practitioner of what he called "substance, not style" and taught me well in simplicity and abandonment of the slightest luxury infatuation. Along with many hand trades, he was an excellent carpenter, and he endlessly explained the good manifestations of a learned hand trade. He was also an avid outdoorsman and camper. And believing always in only the substance of a thing, he was primitive and dirty, and never cared for his looks, sewed his own socks and was not the most handsome, presentable man; but he had substance. I believe he instilled many values in me, preparing me for a traveling life.
Although I learned many truly useful things from my father, which sowed the seeds of who I became, I never developed an attachment to my family. I have spent time living in voluntary homelessness. I have a simple diet, I do not eat meat and drink only water. Much of my food is raw. I have simple dress. All together I own three shirts, one pants, 3 underwear, mexican leather sandals, a belt and a sweater. Other than my clothes, 6 books, personal writings, and a toothbrush I have no personal possessions. I sleep on a sheet, which is on a layer of tarp, which is on the concrete patio. Except for food, occasional bus fare, and to the homeless, I spend almost no money. I walk nearly everywhere I go. Etc, Etc. More later. For now. please tell me If I have convinced you to accept me.
ANSWER: Hello Aldo, I am more than will guide you and all tourist, traveler rich or poor on the path, I am not sure the word apprentice is totally applicable, but I wil help you, and more or less I help everyone. When I reply to you, and there is warning all over the page, that all correspondence is public, this mean THIS email will be posted on the internet and the whole world can be the apprentice or share the advice and I hope it helps. It becomes part of the website and I earn money from the advertisers on the site. So, yes, however understand all is published on the internet.

This commment I hope will soon be here shortly after you receive it. Go to: https://www.hobotraveler.com/helpcenter Then click on About Andy https://www.hobotraveler.com/helpcenter/category/about-andy/ Then soon there will be a link Apprentice Aldo in Mexico The other comments your wrote are under Mexico. https://www.hobotraveler.com/helpcenter/category/mexico/ Thanks Andy in Lome Togo West Africa June 2007
Apprentice Aldo in Mexico

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