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Andy On Solar Business - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,
I think a lot about a catalog of travel gear items to sell. I have a large collection of items, and ideas in a database. I think mostly, about hard to find items like this Solar cooker. Now, I do not think many travelers are going to buy this and carry because of the size.
However, there is also a need for people who know about a product like this to get this type of product to the needed people. It would seem like a country like Togo would want and need this product, but the truth is, until Africa burns every tree and there is NONE, I do not think they really care about a solar cooker. Plus, the sun does not shine in the morning and the night, when they really need to cook fast, not slow, to sell the food they make.
I do want to know how to buy, and I do try to keep all of this information.
I think maybe I should buy one. I would be wonderful if the cumulative price including shipping was less than 50 USA dollars. I do not understand though, does a person have to say yes, before they say the price?
I guess, yes, I would like to buy one.
Andy in Lome, Togo March 2007
Just writing to tell you I finally received my Butterfly Cooker today - (backordered 3 times) and have assembled it - which now sits on my sun-facing patio (though it rained and hailed today and the Cooker saw little sun). I'm sending you a pic of the Cooker. Interesting enough, though i got this Cooker through Harbor Freight, I'd also contacted the factory. The Sangli factory in China suggested I buy 10 (minimum order), but when I declined (I have no business) they said they reconsidered and offered to send me a single Cooker ("To get my business started") to evaluate. I keep telling them, but maybe there's a language problem or maybe they only understand business and hear what they want to hear). They'd send me a price once I accepted and specified a port for shipping. However, I already have one. Just info for you - I know you like projects from time-to-time, like your webcam, backpack and hostel efforts. Don't know if this will eventually fit into your armamentarium, but anyways here's the jpeg.


- Chris
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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