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Alcohol Cooker Percents - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,
Here in Lome, Togo and using the base only of the clikstand.com Trangia design.

Good to hear you are finding he Trangia burner useful. Unless it is sub-zero, the reason for needing the burner hotter to light is that the alcohol is diluted with water. It likes at least 70% alcohol and pfers higher concentrations than that. Might look for methanol (methyl alcohol) used for automotive gas line drier (called HEET - yellow label here), which is cheaper and more concentrated (99%). Denatured is good for cooking too. Isopropyl alcohol means it is water diluted (here it's rubbing alcohol or red bottle HEET) - it's not the best stuff to use. Remember: Concentration (%) is half the Proof (140 Proof is 70% alcohol) and you like it stronger than that for fuel.

I wish I had all them choices, I had a problem in the Philippines because they sold some I think 60 to 70 percent alcohol.

I found a bottle of 95 percent alcohol here in Lome in the Pharmacie. The great part was the top of the bottle has this little insert that double plugs the lid, I think it will not leak in my bag. I am going to use it to carry water as most water bottles leak, the sold for water ones.

I am going to look at bottles a little closer and see if it says proof or percentage? NOTE: If I could by a type of drinking alcohol that would burn easy, it would be easier to find sometimes than rubbing alcohol. I am going to go the extreme amounts of liquor sells places and check the proofs. I would think 140 and above could work.

Oops: Left all the parts to the clikstand in the last hotel. I was having a very difficult time packing, I had all the parts in the corner of the room, under a chair. I found them on the last check of room and thought to myself.
- I guarantee, I will lose one of them and the whole apparatus will not work. -
Therefore, I left them.

I am sorry I never set up one time, however I can see this is the Cadillac of products. The base part is perfect, and seems to be extreme high quality. I am sure it works great, and I can see the Wankel construction and how all the parts work. The bottom line though there is no point in carrying all these parts as I guarantee 100 percent I will lose a part. IF they so it with a container that would not open easily, then maybe I would not lose the parts. The problem is volume of size and pieces, plus the parts are sharp, they will cut my bag if they rub on anything. I have to carry inside my dutch oven and was ok coming, however now, I am carrying pepper, salt, rice, etc, and need this space.

I will buy another couple to use if the price is under 10 dollars, otherwise a tuna can works about the same. The big difference is this, I can store enough alcohol in the base to have about three cookings of water for coffee. Cooking with alcohol is a back up and not a standard, I use it when there is no eletricity, not when I have electricity and then I use a 220 Hot Plate, that also works in 110. Very light and easy to replace anywhere on the planet while this clickstand is not, the tuna can is.

I really enjoy these toys and fun to use, however until they spend as much time designing how to make small and pack without losing the parts, then not of great value as a whole. The base though of the clikstand is a keeper, I really like the design. Two parts, a lid and the base, and they screw together holding alcohol. I am extremely afraid to carry liquids in my bag as they leak and could destroy my computer. Not worth the risk, unless the bottles are perfect, hard to find a perfect bottle.

I have a perfect bottle I got from a factory in Thailand as I was trying to buy. I was going through them in the USA, however, only half worked. Sad, and this makes me think even the one I am using to carry alcohol is a problem. The clikstand only has ONE seal. This is a risk, I need a double seal system to be safe. A stopper inside, then a twist on top.

Andy in Lome, Togo. Note: GPRS seems to be available in Togo with Togocel Cell phones. I am excited, means I can go to the brush... There is not much jungle here.

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