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400 Cities 70 Countries - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Eric, Thanks for sending this. I want the office, I do want to work anywhere on the planet. There are two perspectives, I go to the office, or the office comes to me. This is the perspective of I go to the office. I remember using a Business Center in the Hilton in Beijing China, or the Palestine Hotel in the green zone of Baghdad, Iraq. There are always five star hotels type business centers. Kevin Sites, the Yahoo reporter uses them, I saw the Shagrila in Katmandu, 125 US per night. This offer is semi selling what they know a person cannot use in one years, to use 10 of these offices in 5 countries would be difficult. I know it sounds as though I think of the money, but I have many times paid up to 12 US dollars per hour to use the internet. Office - I go there, I am in Lome, Togo, I do not think they have one in Lome Togo, where there is a big need, however if I was to go to an office here, it would have to be close to the center of the city, the Palm Beach Hotel, if you read my mobile office link, it semi is saying 24 hour access. It comes down to we want to work when we want to work. I am see the GPRS or maybe the Satellite providing the access I need. I do believe for 99 percent of travelers, if they go and stay in the know Expat areas of the plane, the hotels normally have Internet in the rooms, WIFI and are excellent. I had a room like this in the Philippines near Clark Air Force base, it had free Wifi, however the bottom line, I do not like to live there, and I do not like to go to big commercial centers, if there is a big commercial center, there is an good internet cafe close. Interesting idea and sounds good, but I do not think I could find and connect with more than 10 in one year, then only for one day or two. 300 US will buy a about 300 hours or Internet time. Thanks Andy in Lome Togo West Africa https://www.hobotraveler.com/mobileoffice

Andy, Fast internet in 400 cities for less than a dollar a day? I came across the
Regus offerings for mobile professionals through Tim Ferriss. He wrote the
book "The 4 hour work week". The Regus "Network Access" option is $300 a year. They claim to have 950
business lounges in 70 countries where you can get high speed connected. I'm
not yet convinced it's worth it but found it interesting just the same. Here the link ... http://networkaccess.regus.com/default.htm
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-29

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