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3 Articles Per Week - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

3 Articles Per Week

Hello Gary, YOU WROTE:

May 18, 2007
Could you do three newspaper type columns per week? That is how much a full time newspaper person has to submit. If so, or even close to that. I know a guy at T&G I would introduce the idea to. Gary Answer Hello Gary, I first want to thank you, I think the implications of this question is that maybe my writing is become closer to pro grade, therefore I will say, thank you, and I do appreciate the compliment. I have a sincere, gut level, get down to nature desire to enjoy my life. I am trying to choose my word, I think maybe I have traveled so long, I have lost the need for public approval, or even the idea that it is real. I do want your approval, and i seek the approval of friends, I want their respect. I have fell in love with writing, but I am not in love with the audience. I think I have become like an artist, they paint a great work of art, and some critic says this or that, and they think in arrogance,
"What do you know, I am the artist." Yes, I could easily write articles per week, and so could you for that matter, however, there is a problem. I already have a job, the boss is cool, he makes no demands, and I can do anything I wish, I write as I wish, and the editor approves everything. I write for myself. In the back of my mind, I think, yes, I could write some great piece of work for the newspaper, the New York Times would pick it up, then CNN would call me, I would give interviews, and life would be wonderful. Then, after all the time devoted to that, Iwould leave and go on Vacation to Togo. Good writing is good writing, whether with an audience, or never read by anyone, and destroyed, therefore the satisfaction I need is by the writing, not by the delivery. Always in the back of many writers minds is, I want to say the words that will change the world, I think maybe a God would do that, and I am not God, so if there is God, then he will use my words as he wishes. I write for the internet. 100 percent justice. My writing only succeeds on the merits of what I write, the hard part to accept, and difficult to interpret, is when I write something exceptionally good, then nobody comments as the piece is too strong. I like this game, 100 percent justice, maybe one of these days, I will write the words, that get sent around the world. The story, the feelings, the explanation so clear, it brings people to the computer, and they think, "I will forward this to my Father, my Brother, and that guy at work." Then, I will know I wrote very well that day. Somewhere, over the rainbow and through the woods to Grandmothers House is the path, I suppose in the end, I do not want a boss, as my boss is already driving me crazy and I work for myself. Money, everyone likes money, I plan already on making a couple of Million or more with websites. Andy in Lome, Togo West Africa May 18, 2007
Plus I would have to title this Three Articles Per Week, which I think is grammatically correct. 3 Articles Per Week

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