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25 Most Beautiful Castles In The World - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Brian
I went to the link and commented, I will try to blog about it, note I just was putting up a section on Forts on the site, and was about ready to put a place for Castles whereby people could submit castles sites. Andy in Manila 2008, ready to go to Africa.
Name: Brian T.
Country: USA

We recently published an article we think your readers would love:
-quot-Top 25 Most Beautiful Castles in the World-quot- at
http://www.intlistings.com/articles/2008/top-25-most-beautiful-castles-in-the-world/ . Would love to get any feedback from you on the piece, and feel free to publish about it on your blog! Keep up the great blogging.Cheers,Brian

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