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2008 January Advertising Avails - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

2008 January Advertising Avails

Hello Michael, There is presently one clean and simple way of advertising on, this is on the Andy Travel Blog and the RSS feed distributed. This is a small banner advertisement, that is to the left sidebar of blog. Then there is ad delivered in the RSS or ATOM. It is a pay per click process, the terms are one dollar per click and 2500 U.S. dollar retainer.

Name: Michael...
Country: USA


My name is Michael... and I'm an online media buyer at
ContextWeb in New York. Im in the process of buying travel inventory and was
interested in finding out if you have any advertising avails.


Website Name: ContextWeb
Website URL:

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2008 January Advertising Avails