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101 Introduction Hobohideout Com Hotel Business Plan - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

101 Introduction HoboHideOut.com Hotel Business Plan The Franchising of a system of travel lodging. To give five star services at one star prices, and how can a buisness fail? The difference between a great and an ok place is measured by enjoyment of the visitors.
Collect printed advertising for Hotel
Common room with TelevisionPROBLEM
Destinations or TouristAttractionsPROBLEM
Reception desk or check in counter DIRECTIONS
Business Card Collected for Hotel
MAP - Travelers Nest
Map or graphics with directions to HotelPROBLEM
Signs that point from main highways to the accomodation
Street Sign FOOD
Bars and Restaurant in Area
Kitchen free to be used by guestPROBLEM
Restaurant or Bar Attached to Hotel LAUNDRY
Laundry Service and PricesPROBLEM MONEY
Prices posted on wall for rooms
Receipt for payment of room for the nightPROBLEM

Address on front of building or the whole building in one
All Signs on Hotel
Bums or Annoying people in the areaPROBLEM
Down the road to left that includes the Hotel
Down the road to right that includes the Hotel
Entrance to Hotel
GPS Coordinates take a photo of the GPS
Sign of Hotel name on front of building
Sound Meter in Front of BuildingPROBLEM
The back that includes the Hotel
The complete Hotel from the front

All accessories of room in one photo brush, soap ashtrays, rugs etc
Best Value for a room in the Hotel
Examples of all Services
Fitted sheetsPROBLEM
Heating and Cooling
Locks on doors
Mattress without the sheet
Pillow with the cover off
Sound Meter in RoomPROBLEM
Toilets and showersPROBLEM

Door Locks
Key to rooms, where they keep when not using
Safe in room and Long Term StoragePROBLEM

Guide Writer
Person that cleans my room
Maintenance PersonPROBLEM 101 Introduction HoboHideOut.com Hotel Business Plan

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