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101 How To Travel Blog - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

101 How to Travel Blog This is my catch all center for how to blog, or since I am a Travel Blogger, it is my 101 How to Blog class on the net. Note, this How to Blog goal is to explain how to be a good Travel Writer, as in my opinion 90 percent of Travel Bloggers are wishing to write as if they are Travel Writers, so this is to show how to be a Travel Writer. There is also a label on the blog, that has a collection of all the comments on how to blog that have been written on the actual blog. First thing to do before you blog, is to decide the goal, if you say to me, it is for your family and friends, I do not believe you.. If for only your family and friends, you would not be reading this to learn how to write. 101 How to Travel Blog