Time of the world help for travelers and tourists - How do time zones affects your travel? How to understand time, and cultures where time is irrelevant.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”
- Albert Einstein

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- As a traveler or tourist you will need to know the time in other countries. For planning or just to call home. For the exact time, day, and date in the USA Time.gov
USA Government information on TIME
Timeanddate.com- Full

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Finding The Do It Now People - Time

Life is an experiment, and we spend our time discovering which experiments work. We find a job, if we like it, then it works. We get married, if we stay married, it works. Finding people to do it now for experiments makes life work.

The Official U S Time Clock - Time

The Official U S Time Clock, often the time of world is calculated from your computer time, this link bypasses this problem and shows the real time.

The One-Day Renewable Life

Did you know, there are humans brain the same as computers? Each day their brain reboots, purges the cache, and cleans their brain of temporary memory.


Time of the world help for travelers and tourists - How do time zones affects your travel? How to understand time, and cultures where time is irrelevant.

Wealth Is Measured In Time, Seconds, Minutes, Hours

At the end of life, we ask, "please God, give me a little more time."

Making a Telephone Call Overseas
-- Warning --- Often time is connected to the time on your computer, this can be wrong easily. The best way to know when to call is to click on this US Government Time Link.
- The time on that link is the correct USA time.

Time Links
Timeanddate.com - This link will tell you the approximate time of cities around the planet, however it is not 100 percent correct.

Arrange a Conference Calls with Different Time Zones


Download Planning Calendars to USA Offline to Plan Travel
- When you are traveling between city, booking a plane ticket, and may other travel situations you need a Calender to plot or plan.
2010 - Calendar - Download PDF
2011-  Calendar - Download PDF

History of Time
A Walk Through Time

I use PC Chrono as a timer, this has many functions and is free. If a business associate ask you to call back in 20 minutes, you can set it to ring. Note, you need to load in a Wave file to make it loud.
PC Chrono

Days of Week

Travel Times Concept

  1. Border Run Time
    - When my Visa or Permission to be in a country runs out, it is time to run for the border.
  2. Buying Tickets Time
    - Buying tickets needs to be planned in advance.
  3. Business Day
    - There are tourist days and business days, on a tourist day you go see tourist attractions on a business day you buy plane tickets, get visas, and do business that helps you to travel.
  4. Daily Travel Time
  5. Doing Nothing Time
    - Tourist and Travelers tend to always be doing something, this causes stress and they need to go home. It is better if they realize it is time to plan your "Do Nothing Time."
  6. Drinking Time
    - Beer and Alcohol occupies about 20 percent of the time of tourist and travelers.
  7. Drive Time
    - The time the car or bus is actually moving, the time going to the airport in a taxi can add hours to the trip, and needs included.
  8. Eight Point Saying Hello Time
  9. Flight Time
    - The actual time in flight on an airline.
  10. Follow me Around Time
    - The amount of time a beggar will follow me around in a city, the current record is in Ethiopia with about 30 minutes, while India is in second place.
  11. Hiding in my Room Time
    - Time spent in room hiding from the locals so I do not have Cultural Fatigue.
  12. Hotel to Hotel Time
    - The true time of travel, includes Flight Time, Travel Time, Waiting to Board time.
  13. No Time to Enjoy Life
  14. Out of Time
  15. Overstayed my Welcome Time
    - It annoys locals if foreigners ask too many questions.
  16. Packing Time
    - This is about 1-2 hours, and truly people miss planes because they are too stupid to realize this.
  17. Picture Time
    Entering, and Leaving a location, when you just arrive at a tourist attraction.
  18. Plan your Itinerary Time
  19. Planning Time
  20. Read my Book Time
  21. Rose Colored Glasses
    - This is the politically correct time, when a traveler is delusion ally in love with a country because of some self-perceived, or read misrepresented information.
  22. Seat Time
    - The time I sit on my seat (bus) before I arrive.
  23. Shopping Time
    - This can be 20-50 percent of the time a tourist spends during the day.
  24. Study Your Guidebook Time
    - A person must study the guide book in the city prior to next location.
  25. Time allowed for your to practice English
    - When a person walks up and ask, "Can I practice English." I will say yes, you have 10 minutes.
  26. Time I am Tolerant
  27. Time in No Mans Land
    - This is the time to cross a border, there is a strip of land, from a few feet to 10 miles where you cross from one country to the next. If transportation is good, you can go through this area easy, but if bad, you may be required to walk for miles. You need to know how your going to transport your luggage or backpack.
  28. Time invested in a Culture
  29. Time needed to know a Country
  30. Time to Pack
  31. Time Until Arrival
  32. Time you Love the Country
    - There is a honeymoon period, when you love a country, this is normally about three months, after that you accept reality and take off your Rose Colored Glasses.
  33. Travel Time
  34. Travel Time between Airport and Hotel
  35. Unpacking Time
    - Not important, this will happen, if you need something you will unpack. Packing time is 10 times more important to plan.
  36. Waiting to Board Plane Time
  37. Walking Around Time
    - Time needs alloted in every new city to learn the streets, best to walk straight away from the Hotel and back. Make sure you are have a business card from the hotel in your pocket so you do not get lost and remember the name of the Hotel.
  38. Time to Charge the Computer
  39. Time to Charge the Smartphone
  40. Time to Charge the Cell Phone, Mobile of Portable



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