Tipping Moto Taxi In Togo Made Him Angry

Tipping Moto Taxi In Togo Made Him Angry - How in the Third World what is an act of generosity can be seen as weak, making business confusing.

I went to the Grand Poste to purchase a bus ticket from Lome to Cinkasse for 9000 CFA. I paid the first moto taxi 200 CFA, without a problem. I then took a motorcycle taxi from the Grand Poste and returned to Kodjoviakope Pharmacie today, it was funny.

Togo Moto Taxi

Good example:

This is how the under-developed world works, it is simple human nature.

The second driver was truly a great driver, he had two mirrors, drove slow, did not tailgate and did not do sudden weaving in the road. I was so happy to feel safe for the short ride back I decided to give him a tip of 100 CFA.

I tried to explain in French that he went slow. I gave him the 200, then stopped and handed him another 100. He started to scream, as if to he wanted more money. I started to laugh and walked away.

This is very typical, they cannot understand generosity, they see it as a weak spot and a place to exploit. It is very difficult to like people who cannot allow any nice gestures to exist or they want more than fair.

I am 100 percent sure I paid the correct fee of 200, and was being nice by adding another 100.

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