Save the World by Expecting Maximums Not Minimums of People

Third World Solutions - How can a person from an overly-developed country help a person from under-developed country? By expecting first world quality.

Made In Japan - This meant is was junk, when I was 10 years old

How to change the world?
It is simple, you need to be a pain in the butt, complain, expect, demand, and require all people on the planet to sell you quality products. Then expect your friends to be quality humans, to be first class humans, not holes. I know that is corny, naive and almost foreign to the younger generation of Americans, this is the,
"Be clever, and if you can get away with it, then do it generation."
--- It is the American way now, be clever.


Made in the USA


Made In Japan - This meant is was junk, when I was 10 years old
I am 56 years old, in 1965 the American people wanted products made in the USA, because "Made in Japan," meant is was a cheap, crappy, and a crummy product. It was low class to buy "Made in Japan" products, the people from the country club did not buy Japanese made products.

Now, the Country Club set almost never buys American, as the world turns, this is life, the world changes, "Made in the USA" products is now to buy low class. The American people vote daily with their money, every dollar spent tells the truth. An advertisement that says, buy American is a lie, it is trying to get you to buy bad quality products, for too much money. Do not buy American unless the product is indeed the best value, and the best quality for the money. Do not destroy American by allowing made in USA begging to exist.


All Humans on the Planet are Unique

Every person on the planet is capable of doing great work, some brains are faster than others, but all humans are capable of making the best product on the earth. Some are going to make the best boat, others are going to make the best computer chip.

Only by accepting poor quality from people, do we allow them to be poor, and force them to remain poor. If you expect them to be less, they will be less, do the world a favor, and expect the maximums out of people, not the minimums. Giving money to beggars is your need to be powerful, it is a weakness in you, not a good things about you, it is low esteem looking for a way to find power.

Andy Graham



It's amusing to see how other countries have taken over the basic consumer product sales world. China is now the largest producer of mostly cheap, some with quality exported products much as Japan once was and they didn't have to lose a war.
I have just been looking for a windbreaker jacket on line and it's ridiculous to see basic nylon jackets from $100 to 500 and some even over 1K all of course with some hyper brand name. I have seen these in stores as well and made in Indonesia, Philippines, Nam, etc.
Amazing that other than wealthy people will even buy some of these products at such prices because they are brainwashed by advertising.
Not me. I look for clothes at reasonable cost that are also of good quality. It takes longer sometimes but such products, not only clothing, are available, you have to know how to check for quality is the secret that so many do not know.

Generally most women do know so take one you can trust with you when you shop, other than for cars or trucks - LOL I know there are women who also know about vehicles but not as many as men.

Keep in mind that quality may cost more but the product will generally last a lot longer so you save in the long run.


Oh, I forgot to say, even Wallys and K-mart, etc at times have quality goods.


My new photo is right outside my front door. The Redwoods Country.

Phil J

I grew up in the post WWII world. Japan had to industrialize after the total devastation of losing a costly war. So the only way was to start competing on the world market. They needed foreign dollars.
The incredibly good engineering of Japanese products is a tribute to their manufacturers.
A new Toyota car which is well maintained and driven should get about 300,000 miles before it is done. That contrasts with the new car in 1955 which would get about 80,000 miles before it needed a valve job.
Some of the highest quality electronics products are Japanese made also. Cutting edge chip manufacturing and designing is in the US but a lot of manufacturing is overseas. I totally agree with demanding quality to stimulate quality production. It just makes sense given the way humans are.

Neil V

Phil J,

I just retired my Toyota Avalon (1998 Model)with 331,000 miles. Would have driven it another 30,000 miles but had a pinhole leak in radiator that resulted in overheating to the point of no return. Great car, best I ever had!


Greetings Phil and Neil,
Best cars I have owned are: Right now my 325i BMW sedan, my fantastic '64 Volovo fastback one serious problem around 80K miles with hard driving, blown clutch. Ex wife finally traded in with about 160K and still going strong (aggravated me a lot she didn't let me have it back, oh well). Also pretty good '57 Chevy hard top w/turbo Bel Air and my '04 Frontier pickup.
I only would like to see Volvo comback with some smaller, great quality models at a lower cost like the fastback.
When I decide to get rid of my BMW I will probably get another or Audi, Toyota and maybe Volvo. I'm a bit concerned about Volvos now they are Chinese owned.

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