Third World Solutions

Third World Solutions, a dicussion of problems and solutions in the Third World, and ideas to help business.

There is a need for cheap, sustainable ways of providing electricity, clean water, and knowledge to the third world countries. If you wish to submit articles I can supply you access.

A Travelers Search for Nonsensical Serendipitous Fun

I think the world tells me stories, I mean, the world lies to me when I am out on my morning walks.

Africa is for Ruthless Shameless Gentlemen

Third World Solutions

Always Questions About African Business

Third World Solutions, fix the broken boss, chef, chiefs, and leaders and stop the American Dream.

Asked to Share Food In Cote d'Ivoire

Asked to share food In Cote d'Ivoire when in reality they wanted me to give them my food.

Crowd Control By Electricity Brownout In Ivory Coast

The electricity went off at 3:00 am mysteriously until 3:45 at Festival of Abissa in Grand Bassam.

Dominican Republic is Third World Because They Raise Instead of Lowering Prices on Rental Property

The Real Estate, Hotels, and Rentals is bad in Sosua, Dominican Republic, worst than the USA in many ways, but they raise prices and doom themselves.

Foreigners Spoil Cultures

Third World Solutions, easy to say, almost impossible to do.

Lighting Houses - Third World Solutions

A simple and cheap way to of Lighting Houses in the underdeveloped world. - Third World Solutions

Save the World by Expecting Maximums Not Minimums of People

Third World Solutions - How can a person from an overly-developed country help a person from under-developed country? By expecting first world quality.

Third World Solutions

Third World Solutions, a dicussion of problems and solutions in the Third World, and ideas to help business.

Tipping Moto Taxi In Togo Made Him Angry

Tipping Moto Taxi In Togo Made Him Angry - How in the Third World what is an act of generosity can be seen as weak, making business confusing.

Please read the section to the right on house lighting.

Third World Business Practices that are Contra-Productive

  1. When not making enough money, they raise the prices.
  2. The whole country will go on strike against government.
  3. Contracts are not enforceble with Foreigners, they local can easily not perform.
  4. The people who work as Mayors, and Politicians own the water purificaiton companies and are not going to clean up the water and lose their business.
  5. When you make an agreement, think it is solid, the Third World Person worries they may lose money and raises the price again. It can take a year before you can enter into a contract and even then, if the person think you are earning they willl renig on the contract.
  6. No queues or lines at businesses and no respect for clients.
  7. There is no repeat customer mentality with foreigners.

Problems Caused by Other Countries

  1. NGO and Missionaries come and inflate prices.
  2. Foreigners come as the solution, not as their equals with more knowledge.



Andy Graham July, 2010 in Tela, Honduras

Sun, 1 Aug 2010 08:46:12

Map of Third World where solutions are needed for water, electricity and health.

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