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'The Art of Being Unreasonable' by Amber Rae

Amber Rae explains when we dream, and we have the right to be unreasonable, to pursue our passions, to be unreasonable in the pursuit of adventure.

A few years ago, Amber Rae was living in San Francisco. People told her she had everything she needed to be happy: a secure job in a beautiful city. But something was missing, and she felt stuck. On her first trip to New York, she fell in love with its vibe and energy. “I want to follow my heart to New York,” she decided, “and experience the answer of what’s next for me.” So she quit her job, sold her possessions, and took the journey.

Amber Rae

After making this life-changing decision, Amber began collecting stories from people who followed their dreams, too, titling the book, “Change-Makers and Culture-Changers.” In her "TED Talk" lecture, "The Art of Being Unreasonable," she documents five parallels that she discovered in all of these stories:

1. Purpose
2. Nonconformity and self-discovery
3. Adventure
4. Being “naked”
5. Persistence

A pioneer with tremendous optimism and courage, Amber challenges everyone to follow their own passions and see where their paths lead.

“We are the hero of our own story,” she says. “The story is the one that we write.”

Thank you, Amber Rae!

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Love Amber! In 1985 I decide to leave the USA and settle in Central America where I had a relative, distant relations and contacts it was here that I re invented myself, it was not easy, my mentors gave advices then left me to my own devices, in 15 years put 525,000 miles, 850,000 km. on my vehicle, 4 overhauls, no major accidents, no highway robbery, several close calls and in 1988 it was stolen in a border town of Mexico near Guatemala, got it back becuase I had a powerful local friend I had done favors for, always perform small acts of kindness without thought of renumeration, if able. Comes back. When we volunteered as paramedics in conflict zones (Yes I was scared)we accidentally saved hundreds of lives in a small Guatemalan village that exists no more, sort of Schindlers list by default, one day in Pana one of the women ran up to me and hugged me in the street took me home to meet her family, I was "Godfather" best day of my life, I guess. Did a lot of crazy stuff do but most Ex Pats do I guess, adapting to chaos no problem, am a New Yorker, sorry Andy. nite, buenas noches.

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