The Best in the World

Best in the World - If you only one trip in your life where to go? With thousands choices of Travel Destinations this is my list of The Best in the World

     My name is Andy Graham, I have traveled the planet perpetually for 12 years, and lived in 88 countries, each for about one-two months. When someone says to me, this is the best in the world. I flinch, the world is a little too big for that comment. However, I understand, they want to make one good choice.

This is the List of Andy Graham of Best Travel Destinations by Topic

  1. Animals - Best Country to See Animals
    - India because the are vegetarian and do eat them.
  2. African Safari
    Maisai Mara in Kenya
  3. Architecture - Best Architecture in World
    - Brugges Belgium
  4. Archeology - Pyramids
    - Egypt - Note, Tikal in Guatemala is great.
  5. Amazon River - Amazon River Tours
    - Buy on the ground in Iquitos, Peru
  6. Beach - Best Topless Beach
    - Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  7. Beach - Best Beach on Planet
    - Copa Cabana in Rio de Janeiro
  8. Beach - Best Beach to Live on for 1-3 Months
    - Palolem in Goa, India in Winter Months
  9. Beach- Most Beautiful Beach
    Pranang Cave Beach in Thailand
  10. Beach - Best Beach in Europe
    - Ramblas of Barcelona
  11. Bird Watching
    - Costa Rica
  12. Cheap - Cheapest Country on Planet
    - India
  13. Clothing - Best Place to Have Suits Made Cheap
    - Vietnam
  14. Clothing - Best Tailors on Planet for Cheap
    - India
  15. Country - Best Country for Tourist
    - Guatemala
  16. Food - Best Place to Buy Cashew on Planet
    Oradura, Burkina Faso
  17. Food - Best Dates on Planet
    - Jerusalem, Israel
  18. Food - Best Sausage in World
    - Germany
  19. Food - Best Bread on Planet
    - France
  20. Food - Best Pretzals on Planet
    - Germany
  21. Food - Best Chocolate on Planet
    - Belgium
  22. Food - Cheapest and Best Chocolate for Value
    - Spain
  23. Food - Best Pizza in World
    - United States of America because Cheese is best
  24. Food - Rice with Chicken
    Kaw Pat Gai - Thailand - It must be street food, and must not be any tourist around.
  25. Fish Market - Best Fish Market on Planet
    - Manaus Brazil
  26. Girls - Most Beautiful Girls on Planet
    - Medellin, Colombia - Combination of Spanish and Black
  27. Hostels - Best Hostels in World
    - England, they have Guest Kitchens, fun, and help.
  28. Scuba Diving
    - Utila Honduras
  29. Snorkeling
    - Belize
  30. Surfing - Best Surfing
    - Southern Mexico
  31. Massage
    - Thailand
  32. Medical Tourism - Best Medical Tourism on Planet
    - Philippines because you can explain in English
  33. Mobile Office - Best Location for Cheap Mobile Office
    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Same time zone as USA, High Speed Internet and five dollar rooms.
  34. Mountains - Mountain Base Camp Trip
    Evererst buying trip in Kathmandu, Nepal
  35. Girls for Free
    - Ghana
  36. Girls for Pay
    - Philippines
  37. Jungle
    - Costa Rica
  38. Men for Pay
    - The Gambia
  39. People - Best All Around People on the Planet
    - Holland or "The Netherlands."
  40. Retirement - Best in World to Live as Family
    - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  41. Retirement - Best to Live as Single Man
    - Philippines
  42. Sunrise - Best Sunrise in Morning
    - Coast of Brazil
  43. Sunsets - Best Sunset Location on Planet
    - Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico
  44. Wow - Best Place to Say Wow a Lot
    - Nepal
  45. Waste Bins - Most Waste Bins or Public Desposal
    - Estonia

Help Andy Think - I need idea for best... ? This list is going to take years to complete, if you have a topic that is not listed, please click on Contact above and I will add.

Thank you, Andy Graham in Tela, Honduras 2010

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Sat, 21 Aug 2010 07:42:36

The Best In The World

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