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Agreement to Terms.
To submit to Hobotraveler.com you agree to these terms.

These terms are to assist your company and Hobotraveler.com to best serve the traveler public and for all parties involved to remain prosperous and happy.

NOTE: The Directions are considered part of the TOS or Terms of Service.

1. To receive one e-mail per month from Hobotraveler.com.

2. To receive an invitation from Hobotraveler.com to join travel newsletter. The choice to subscribe is optional and you can unsubscribe as desired.

3, These terms may change at any time.

4. We reserve the right omit your submission for any reason.

5. You agree to allow HoboTraveler.com to send you an email when your submission has been moved or changed.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any problems arising from your submission.

Thank You
Management of Hobotraveler.com

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