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Magic Jack - Cheap, Portable VoIP Telephone

The magic Jack is a super cheap VoIP telephony device that allows users to get unlimited minutes for just $19.95 per year.

Tue, 18 May 2010 06:13:33

What Is the magic Jack?

The magic Jack is a small USB telecommuncations device that allows its users to get unlimited local and long distance calling for only $19.95 per year.These local and unlimited minutes are limited to calls to the US and Canada but they can be made from anywhere in the world. International minutes for calls made to other countries are available but do cost extra.

How Does The magic Jack Work?

The magic Jack works by using VoIP telephone technology, which means that it routes calls over the internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. The use of VoIP technology is what makes the magic Jack so wonderful because it allows you to use the magic Jack anywhere in the world. In order to use the magic Jack all you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection.

How is the magic Jack relevant to travelers?

The magic Jack is an amazing product for travelers because, as stated before, all you need is a computer and a high speed Internet connection. This means that if you are traveling you can use the magic Jack anywhere that you can get access to these 2 things. Just bring your USB dongle with you and that means you are bringing your 'landline' telephone with you. However when traveling with the magic Jack it isn't guaranteed to work on all computers because use of the magic Jack requires a minimal software download which may not be allowed on some computers such as a public library computer. This makes it best to be traveling with your your own personal computer but if you can find the right computer you could use it anywhere without needing your own computer. We have heard stories of Americans using their magic Jack as a 'landline' while at home and then taking it as far as Europe and Asia when traveling.

How much does the magic Jack cost?

As stated above the magic Jack service costs $19.95 per year. Outside of the service fee you also have to pay a one-time $20 free upfront in order to purchase the actual device.

How well does the magic Jack work?

Most people have reported that the magic Jack works quite well but for some there have been problems. Problems have ranged from the device not working at all to there being strange sounds or thing such as echos that reduce call quality. In general magic Jack service is of high quality and most problems are caused by an issue on the users end. Regardless of how the problem is being caused for a small number of people the magic jack simply won't work properly whether it be a computer that is to old or to slow, or due to a bad Internet connection, or some other rare problem. One good thing to note however is that magic Jack does offer a free trial so if you are on of the few that it doesn't work for you can return it and not be out the money.

How is magic Jack customer service?

Magic Jack tech support is available only through chat which can make problem solving difficult. This has been the number one hang up with magic jack to date and it is something that will be very hard to fix. Traditional telephone companies usually have workers come out on-site in order to fix problems and that is something magic Jack can't afford to do with such low rates for customers. As far as billing issues go chat support is recommended but there is also a highly unknown magic Jack customer service number at (281) 404-1551. However consumers must remember that it is for billing support only and the agents at this number do not have the expertise to help with technical issues.

Are there any catches?

One catch that has been reported with the magic Jack is that depsite advertising unlimited minutes some users have actually been cutoff for what magic Jack has deemed to be 'excessive use'. This however has happened only in rare instances and is not something most people need to worry about. At the same time nobody should buy it and plan to talk for 10 hours a day or they will likely get their service cancelled.


The magic jack is an ultra cheap VoIP telephone service that can be taken with you whereever you go. It might not be quite as handy as Skype because you have to have an actual device but it is also cheaper than Skype because you don't have to pay per minute for calls to non-Skype users. If you are traveling and want to bring your phone along with you then magicJack is one of several good choices.

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