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Is Your Smartphone Cellphone Global Net10wireless Is No Go - Telephone

I may be the most traveled digital nomad on the planet, today, June 2, 2019, I want to pay to keep my Net10wireless number in the USA, and their site is blocked here in Kpalime, Togo, West Africa, it is amazing how many USA companies block their sites in Africa.

Mon, 1 Jul 2019 23:00:51

"You cannot know, what you cannot know."
--- Andy Lee Graham World Traveler

I was in Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoire, and CNN was blocked; many global Hobos talk about sites being blocked in China.

Sometimes it is the country that blocks, sometimes it is some not-so-smart IT person who blocks a country ,so he, or she does not need to deal with them....

I was in Iraq, 2003, and I think the CIA blocked my Hobo Traveler travel blog for 2 days, it is amazing how much we don't know.

I was in Uganda, trying to write my Thaialand girlfriend Gai with my Yahoo email, and it did not work. I finally called here with Skype, and used Gmail, and we could talk. And, yes, I check, and she checked our Spam boxes.

"You cannot know, what you cannot know."

The corporations of the planet are 10 times worst than any government ever even dreams of, what they do is truly devious.

Write me with a corporate email, and I am not sure what to say, I know the IT departments people just don't care, why is a person writing someone in Africa?

Just make their lives easy, block a country.

Do you do business in Nigeria? 

Or, does you tech make it impossible...

If for any reason, you cannot access HoboTraveler, write me personally, Andy Lee Graham hoboontheroad  at

We are a travel site, we travel, go figure, we need to communicate.

Old sailors used to say,
"When you get the the end of the world, their be dragon."

-- But, maybe not your business Internet page.

Life is good,

Andy Lee Graham, in the Maison des Souer Hotel, Catholic Monastery Hotel in Kpalime, Togo West Africa, just about off the guidebooks.