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We Can Travel The World Cheaper Than Living In USA

World Travel is simple, if you have income of over 50 U.S. dollars per day, you are richer than 93 percent of the planet. If you don't not own a house, car, and television, you are super rich.

Global Income

Do you get it, world travel is cheap, avoid the green spots.

World Travel

3-5 million Americans live abroad, many will go on vacation this year in the USA, then return to living abroad.


World Bank


The World Bank reports, 1/2 the planet earns less than 5.50 USD per day. Do you get it, with your 50 USD per day, you are one of the super rich on the planet.

The Bad News For The USA

1 in 3 of you have no savings, cannot afford to retire, Social Security is 1000-1500 USD per month, maybe best thing to do is become a World Traveler, it's cheaper to travel the world than retire, or live inside the USA, I've been doing it for 21 years, 112 countries.

No Savings at Retirement

1 in 3 of you, have almost no savings for retirement.

Pension Funding Criiss

Pension are not funded.

Social Security Payment

1400 dollars is average social security payment.

Naked City

The average rent in New York City is around 1400 dollars, something has to break.

Well, just a suggestion, you may want to become a world traveler.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Note, I am age 63, collect only 523 dollars per month from Social Security, and have lived in 112 counties, and lives abroad now for 21 years.

I am not the least bit worried, with 523 per month, I am one the richest men on the planet.

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham 



1 in 3 NO Savings

I get a $509.00 to 523 dollars per month social security payment.


- Public Transport


- Rent is cheap


- Walk into Pharmacy, doctors free

Funding map:

Every state has underfunded pensions.

Medium Income

Rents in NYC


PEW Mission

American Diaspora 


The average person with no savings, living with average social security is going to need to move out of New York City. title=
The world bank says 1/2 the world earns less than 5.50 per day.
84 percent of planet earns less than 20 USD per month.
The average American is will receive approximately 50 USD per day in Social Security Payment.
You also know, there is a pension funding crisis in the USA.
28 percent of you, roughly 1 in 3 of you have no saving for retirement.
There are 7 percent of countries that we avoid, we can live in the other countries easily, and take a 1-2 week vacation yearly in the over-developed countries.