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Taxis Are Airports - Taxis Used By World Travelers

Taxis Are Airports - Taxis Used By World Travelers

Thu, 4 Aug 2016 10:06:38

1. Write down the location on a piece of Paper and show to taxis.

2. Get them to write down the price.

3 .Go slow, do not let them grab your bags until you know exactly the price.

4. Most taxi drivers in Airports have someone to speak English.

5. If nervous, try to find someone to share a taxi with.

6. I normally try to ask people in the immigration line what is the price for a taxi, foreigners know better than locals, the locals do not take taxis

7. The slower you go, the safer you are.

8. Try to arrive during the early morning hours if possible, a late leaving in the USA is preferable to a late Arrival in a foreign country.

9. Having a hotel pick you up, can be a great insurance policy.

10. People that tell you price in dollars, and speak English are the better con men.