Taxi Drivers and the Tourist - Traveler


Taxi Drivers and the Tourist - Traveler

The Taxi Driver is number 3 on my list of people I do not trust.

1st being Car Salesman
2nd being a Journalist

But a Taxi Driver can be the best guide in the world or your worst enemy.
Here is a list of things to think about:


  1. Whatever the price they say... IT IS TOO MUCH!
  2. A Taxi Driver in Europe and the USA is no more honest than a Taxi driver in Mexico, India or Thailand.
  3. Taxi drivers cannot be cheated, or insulted. Make a very low offer and work your way up.
  4. Say your price and walk away. Ignore them until the says, "Let's go"
  5. They love to take you around the block.
  6. Do not get in one if you do not know what a fair price is.
  7. They always have a cousin or a friend that does the job.
  8. Is worth his or her wait in gold if honest.
  9. Do not believe you will meet number 4.
  10. They often and more than like do not read well.
  11. The price has got to be 1/2 whatever they say.
  12. Do not leave a taxi without your bag.
  13. Pay only after you are out of the taxi completed.
  14. Do not go inside while leaving your bags in the taxi.
  15. I do not trust meters ever. I always negotiate a price.
  16. At some large airports there are pre-set fees for taxis.
  17. If you are lost, get out of the taxi.
  18. If you feel unsafe, or feel the taxi is taking you to the wrong place, get out of the Taxi.
  19. An 3 Wheel Taxi is cheaper than a 4 Wheel Taxi.
  20. A Taxi driver can rob you easily, a bus drive has a bigger problem.
  21. Just because they was a rocket scientist in their country does not mean they are smart.

The Biggest Theft I have every heard about was a man in Paris that left all his belonging and Christmas gifts in a Taxi to go inside and check the Hotel. When he came back all his belonging were gone with the Taxi. This Taxi driver got 13,000 Dollars from a Tourist.





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