Filed Tax Extension Yesterday, It Makes me Tempted to Go Offshore

Offshore? I am not sure why I pay taxes in the USA, if I went offshore, if I became a citizen of Canada, taxes would pay for universal healthcare system.

Hmm, I am age 56, I wonder if I can become a citizen of Norway, Denmark, or Sweden. Yes, I would pay 40-50 percent in taxes, but I would know I am safe, I could afford my health care.

Obama used words like "Universal Healthcare System," this is available offshore for free, it should be the big benefit paying Uncle Sam, but instead I get the worlds biggest war machine.

Pushed offshore

I Filed a Tax Extension.

Why am I paying Uncle Same? I could be offshore, preparing my payment i is truly are ridiculously easy, but the accountant still cost me 350 USD. I went to an H and R Block office, they said they would file an extension for free. I asked them how much to file my 2555 Foreign Exclusion thingy that allows me to earn 90 plus thousand if I live outside ( live offshore ) the USA for over 335 days.

H and R Block wants 350 Dollars.

If I pay my professor accountant, CPA, charges the same, and I could avoid this if I lived offshore there is not tax international.

I do not want to stop paying taxes, but after living offshore for 14 years, the USA can make me angry. Obama tells me one thing, that he is setting up Universal Healthcare System, but he seem to be working for the Doctors, he is going to force me to buy health insurance. the same as I am forced to buy liability insurance to drive a car, that is a good idea, but to force me to buy health insurance is not Universal Healthcare System, it is a joke.

I want to pay the USA taxes, and, also do not want worry about whether I can afford to have cancer.

Doctors Offshore

95-98 percent of the reasons I go to a Doctor are minor, and I went to a Doctor offshore recently, it was free in the DR. I went to a Doctor on Lago Atitlan, GUA, and it only cost 4-5 dollars. Living offshore give me the benefit of free medical and I am not even a citizen in these countries, I just go the Doctor, they do not charge their own people, and they give anyone free medical.

I want to pay the USA, I want the United States to survive, prosper, and be the leader of the free world. But Uncle Same is nuts.

Tax Refund is a Bait and Switch

They give you a refund, to make you want to file. I do not get a refund, therefore it only can cost me to file taxes. I am not going to get a refund, but the normal worker pays, and pays again, and suddenly feels great, he or she gets money back, but truly paid and paid all year.

All this can be avoided by me, I can go hide in another country, live offshore, pay my tax international if needed, which is not needed, unless I volunteer to the country and say,
"Hey you, sign me up for taxes."

Now, I would love to be a citizen of Denmark or Sweden, and over 1 million Islamic people agree. If I do not work, they pay me, if I get sick they pay, if I do anything the country pays, I am always safe.

Tax Extensions or I can Live Offshore

Strangely, Americans are so brainwashed into paying governments,  when they go to another country to live offshore, the instantly try to learn about the offshore taxes, or the International taxes of they country..... Too Stupid -- I can live in any country for the rest of my life, complete off the grid, only by trying to become a citizen of that country, or resident, or getting a retirement visa do I volunteer to pay tax international.

It is truly possible to go off the tax grid if you live abroad, or go offshore.

Obama is playing games, the USA government is playing games,  they are the  reason all the multi-national factories are moving to China. We are all loyal Americans, but when the American dream becomes the American tax nightmare, we see offshore as an easy solution. It is natural to do what is easy, and what makes us the most amount of money for the benefits of living.

I see a universal health plan as one of the number one reasons to pay taxes in the USA, and not live offshore. (Schools is big.)

Would Americans file if they did not get a refund? 

They do not get a total refund, this refund thing is a carrot, fools gold.


Andy Graham, and American Citizen, and trying to like Uncle SAme, but when the USA is giving me almost no benefits, and only because I love my country, and still see this offshore living as another game it feels tricky. I just want to live, pay taxes, and feel safe that if I get cancer, I have a way to go the Doctor.


I live in the US, I am on medicare. age 71 I went to the doctor for a look over, she told me I should get a colonoscopy, and a cat scan of my upper body.. cost to medicare $5,000...or more, they refused to give me a price for 2 days. I pay 20 of that $1,000. I don't have the money.

I told em to skip it. They offered terms, I told them Id rather be dead than get threats from low lifes who work as collections agents.

I have peace now.

I used to have 27 employees, several friends in that class as well, it was hard making ends meet..the IRS sent thugs to collect even when I owed them no money. None of my friends escaped such ongoing threat and harassment.

I laid everyone off and shut it down to avoid the pressure and regular assaults. Now I make enough to survive, and live in peace.. but not enough to get cancer. My plan when or if such a time comes? Die as peacefully as possible.

Meantime our civil servants who have blossomed in number 400 in the last 20 years as the population increased by only 20 are retiring at age 51, many over $200,000 a year...that includes lifetime gold plated health care. Many if not most states and cities are in or near bankruptcy, fire and police chewing up 90 or more of their budgets... over half of that amount to pay for the retired in their ranks.

I was thinking about building a machine a few months ago, so ordered in a few thousand dollars worth of parts... two months later the tax people came looking around to see what I was selling and attempting to collect taxes... I shut that down too. A trucker had reported me as DHS has been advising them to do...I could be making explosive cup cakes or something.

Shortly, if the IRS claims you owe any taxes, you will not be able to leave the country until you pay.. thats if you have the money to pay or not... you will be stuck. That bill is currently before congress.... they are also passing laws to seize your internet accounts and and web sites for non payment.

after all, how in hell are the prison guards, police and firemen going to retire at $200 k unless someone pays the taxes. You would not want any of these to go without, would you?

You might consider making your US tour just another facet of your world wide travels. and having a range of different ISP's located at random around the world.

There is good news though... I can afford to go to mexico for my dental needs.. thats been workable. Maybe next time they will block me at the border though, one never knows.

Never under estimate the stunning brilliance of the US govt. This is not the USA you left 14 years ago. Now the TSA can stick their thumb up your ass at air ports and at roadside check points, and if you show any displeasure you can be strip searched...and if you voice any concern about your rights, or mention the US constitution you will be called a rebel and could be incarcerated. Those are simply the fast expanding facts of the situation.


the world processor on this site is wonderful... it leaves off the percentage signs though, so the numbers I listed.... 400 percent and 20 percent, and 90 percent etc all showed up with no 'percent' signs,

hopefully the gentle reader can fathom the numbers anyway.


the world processor on this site is wonderful... it leaves off the percentage signs though, so the numbers I listed.... 400 percent and 20 percent, and 90 percent etc all showed up with no 'percent' signs,

hopefully the gentle reader can fathom the numbers anyway.


Do not be tricked into those nordic socialist hellholes!You will be a prisoner, keep mobile get a tax address in an tax free place . My You have the world by the-----.Read some of the old perpetual traveler books ,get hep to the jive and come up with some of Your own ways to be free.


Tax hell without the services.

If one files U.S. taxes honestly this year, and has more than $10K and/or $50K in total accounts overseas one will have to file FBAR (more like FUBAR) and/or Form 8938. That's $10K in total! So if one has a few thousand bucks in each country to 'hit the ground running" upon arrival in a long-term living location, it is likely one will have this problem.
The penalty of one is 10K USD regardless of the amount! The other form has an up to 400 percent penalty. Both have a criminal penalties as well. The worst thing about at least one of these forms is the off-the-clock statue of limitations on the entire return if one fails to mention even one foreign account with assets.

If one stays in the USA any year more than 30 no longer qualifies for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Of course in the Congressional socialists and fascists' minds overseas Americans are unpatriotic. Expats don't have representation in the Congress, unlike German, French, and other expats have seats in their law-making bodies. Expats overseas sales help keep American factories open, but instead of respect, the IRS swine deride these Americans as tax-evaders and fat cats drinking cocktails in Monte Carlo. The average expat is anything but... probably a teacher or roustabout netting under $50K, paying $350 - $4000 to file an accurate and complete both foreign and domestic returns.

I love it how these Congressional liars and ignorant mainland Americans say the expats don't pay taxes. They pay many taxes that are not creditable on U.S. taxes, and do end up paying the U.S. government income taxes.

For expats there is no Medicare, much less Universal life insurance. Forget American government services... including "rescue" airlifts. If you been in an evac, they make you pay a high commercial rate. And a U.S. Marine rescue only comes if "American business interests" are at stake. And the absolute worst service providers are consular officers at American consulates and embassies. Well-traveled Americans don't need Wiki-leaks to be educated about the lazy goofs at U.S. diplomatic legations.

All have been warned about FBAR and 8938. It's up to the individual to follow the law.


"Universal Life" should have been Congress' "universal health" insurance law.

There is a correlation between the rise of taxation costs to maintain American salespeople overseas, and the exploding trade deficit from 1976 onwards.

Let's face it. The head of the U.S.Treasury, Tim Geithner, was a tax cheat. He is now sicking the IRS attack dogs on Americans living overseas, while he got the velvet glove.

Stereotypical tax evader Marc Rich, just bought himself a presidential pardon from Switzerland. You're probably saying, "It ain't me. I ain't no fortunate one." If you are one of the six million Americans creating value, you ain't the Fortunate Son, so you have been screwed again by the U.S. tax man.

I'll shut up now! I got to get back to work on my 13 forms that must go along with my 1040.


Hey Phil, I told my doctor I could not afford the Colonoscopy and she ordered the Fecal Occult Blood - Hemoccult test. The test is only $13. I know it's not the same, but for now it's all I can afford and they will have to look there first. Perhaps less expensive lab tests can help.

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