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Trip To China, We Buy Electric Cargo Motorcycles Deduct Expenses Off USA Taxes

I believe electric motorcycles, electric cars could be imported into the USA, and a super large profit made, thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Electric Motorcycle Cargo Trike USA

I think it would be fun to buy this Electric Cargo Motorcycle Trike in China, and sell in the USA. I would like to make a trip to where this is manufactured, take it for a test spin, see what is possible.

Call Andy Lee Graham +1 260-624-4414 -- Let it ring for a long time, leave a message, I may be in China, or Guatemala, or Africa, who knows?

Andy is luckiest man alive, living abroad for 20+ years in 112 countries Travel Blogger, follow him
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2500 usd 

15,000 Truck Trike USA company.

Fri, 26 Oct 2018 22:02:03

Trip to china to buy electric motorcycles cargo trikes.

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