Some Photographs of Kurhaus Frutt Hotel

I stayed at Melchsee-Frutt Ski Resort for a couple of weeks in August of 2001. Very nice and great views of mountains. Although a little expensive for the normal hostel type hobo, there was an interesting option at this hotel. For 33 Swiss Francs you could sleep in a dorm bed. This includes breakfast. Same price winter or summer. That is about 19 dollars USA. Not that cheap for a backpacker. But what was interesting is that if you had a tent, you could go for a few days up in the mountains and pay nothing. The average expense could be less than 7 dollars a night.

Just an idea. Stay at a ski resort in Switzerland.

Their webpage:


04sep01039.jpg (11035 bytes)
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The view from the porch above. 04sep01043.jpg (9259 bytes)
04sep01044.jpg (11535 bytes)
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