Hotel Gemsy

Some pictures I took of the Gemsy Hotel in the Ski Resort of Melchsee-Frutt. It is located about thirty kilometers from Lucerne. Hanny that is the managers is very nice, and is a good host. The small restaurant and bar in the bottom is cozy, and a great place to meet your friends, and to meet new friends. They had Karoake there when I was there. I think I did pretty good at singing "Yesterday", by the Beatles.

Their webpage is:


04sep01005.jpg (14284 bytes) Centrally located at Melchsee-Frutt Ski Resort you can go any direction for fun. It is just off the Ski Lift, and close to the tourist information center.
An outside restaurant with a beautiful view. 04sep01006.jpg (15641 bytes)
04sep01046.jpg (16384 bytes)
04sep01047.jpg (16608 bytes)
04sep01048.jpg (12622 bytes)
29aug01056.jpg (12856 bytes)

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