Cows of Switzerland
Brown Swiss


29aug01085.jpg (13389 bytes) Photographs of I guess Brown Swiss Cows at the ski resort of Melchsee-Frutt
This is a Holstein. The only one I saw. Posed real good, and did not move. Look at the size of the bell. 29aug01066.jpg (14120 bytes)
29aug01051.jpg (14529 bytes) This is the tale end of a group that was being lead down to the winter pasture. They are kept up in the Alps, for the summer. Then lead down below for winter.
Big one trying to ignore me. I was trying to catch the size. 29aug01086.jpg (12518 bytes)
30aug01010.jpg (14748 bytes) This one just kept walking right at me.
Not bad 30aug01011.jpg (13456 bytes)
30aug01013.jpg (13641 bytes) These cows are quite tame. You can walk right up to them and pet them.
This one you may not want to pet. It was a little bit frustrated with me being in front of the path. 30aug01015.jpg (11599 bytes)
30aug01025.jpg (15148 bytes) Look at the size of the bell. This is a small bell. They are very loud. Especially when they are all around the mountain. The noise bouncing and echoing off the cliffs.
Big cow bell. 30aug01026.jpg (11508 bytes)
30aug01027.jpg (12402 bytes) The background was beautiful. I need a new camera. Since my Sony broke, this older digital camera is just frustrating me. The background is absolutely wonderful.
Lydia lead this cow over to pose. Then the fence was in the way. 30aug01028.jpg (15378 bytes)
30aug01030.jpg (7624 bytes) The pasture, or alps. Alps is a high planes. Not necessarily just mountains.
30aug01031.jpg (10912 bytes)
04sep01023.jpg (19786 bytes) The burn lot of wood for winter.
Not sure what this building was, but it did have a certain character. 04sep01024.jpg (16816 bytes)
04sep01025.jpg (19994 bytes) Water trough.
04sep01026.jpg (18091 bytes)
04sep01052.jpg (12806 bytes)
Initials shaved, or branded into the side of the cows. Not all of them had it, but some did. 04sep01055.jpg (18594 bytes)
04sep01056.jpg (19703 bytes)
04sep01058.jpg (22399 bytes)

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