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Hobo Andy about Survivor Thailand 2002
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Purple Bandana
The Oriental Girl wore it as a swimsuit in the Lotus contest in Episode 2.

The shirt I purchased from a local Thailand Boy. He worked on the film crew.

He signed it and dated it in the Muslim year.


This is the one half of a contest board. At the bottom of the board is a place for the total. The other side.

I am surrounded by remnants of the film.
Wood bulletin boards. Everyone is wearing a shirt that says,

"Survivor Crew"
I have a Purple Headband like the Contestants.

I can purchase these items from the locals and send them to you. What would you like me to buy?


I will be on and off of the Island of Koh Tarutao and writing stories for the next 12 weeks. From September through November of 2002.

This in interactive message board. You can ask me a questions and it will post immediately to this page.

Feel free to comment or leave an opinion here. I (Andy) have the ability to delete or edit comments. Most will remain unedited. I will try to answer all in timely and efficient manner.

Thank You from Koh Tarutao and Pak Bara Thailand.

Andy the Hobo



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