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Shifting From First to Third Travel Speed Gear

Shifting From First to Third Travel Speed Gear - Strategies For Travel

Shifting from First to Third Travel Speed Gear

World Travel is a full contact sport, it takes the mind, soul and body functioning property to optimize your enjoyment. In way ways, it you have the bent of a renaissance man, with the soul and body of a Spartan, and do the tolerance of Mother Teresa, then you are up for this lifestyle game.

I have been in first gear for two years, but I am coming out of the fog, shaking off all the clinging entrapments, and shifting into third gear. Now, do not too get excited, most travelers such as me are continuously in fifth gear, the pass me like I am standing still, I never even get to say hi, before they are gone.

This type of traveler is in a hurry to get home to tell the story, while I have already arrived home, I am a traveler.

Then there is the traveler, who really is a USA to Country and Back to the USA traveler, they are more about living at the same locations many times, which I sometimes do, I would say they are in first gear, but carrying the mental baggage of the USA they never can jettison, the are culturally living in the USA.

Speed Shift

(One of my goals in life, was to speed shift on a wheelie from 3rd to 4th.)

My body was broken, it is now healed, and I am gaining strength. Travel is about walking to understand the world. You need to walk it, not ride it, or drive it, or peddle it or plane it; you need to walk the world. That is the only way to slow down the cultural movie that is passing to speeds that can be understood.

But, my body has Sciatic, and at age 57, it was too fat, my three pieces of food diet per day has took off 20 pounds or more, I am going for the last 15, and I will be in 32-34 pants again, it has been years. Sciatica is in remission, and I have been walking longer distances, I am back to my 10 miles per day, or about 4-5 hours of walking per day.

Mabel in Cape Coast said,
“You are walking man.”

This felt good, generally I am strolling, sauntering, swaggering, and strutting, and then I stop, take a look at the world, and then continue on the way, never with a goal, lead only by my curiosity.

Being able to walk 4-5 hours per day, normally in 3-4 excursions per day has made travel more enjoyable, I have stopped looking for safe harbor, I am looking for adventure.

I want to go to Afghanistan, or cross the DRC before I lose the path.

Andy Graham in Lome, Togo 2013

I am going to apply for a visa to Nigeria, and hope…

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